Written and directed by Richard Shannon

Sabbat is based on an original account of the events which led to an extraordinary witchcraft trial in England in 1612.

In the Spring of 1612 a young girl, Alizon Device, curses a peddler. He is immediately struck stark lame and unable to speak. She is arrested and under fierce interrogation reveals an horrific story diabolical killings. She tells of a great Sabbat - a coven at which the murders were planned. She names all the witches who took part, including a woman called Alice Nutter. Alice stands out from the rest; she was a wealthy widow and well known to the prosecutor's wife. Unlike all the other accused, Alice refuses to confess and remained silent throughout her trial.

This tense and atmospheric play explores this mystery and the strange relationship between the accused and her accuser.


An electrified atmosphere of fear and suspicion permeates this production and there is a nicely measured melodramatic tone and come terrific acting from Alexandra Mathie as the doomed but dignified Alice, Mike Shannon as the kindly Knowell and Ann Marcuson doubling as his wife and Alizon.
Time Out, May 1995

Writer and director Richard Shannon has turned this true tale of fear, prejudice and the abuse of power into a well crafted chamber Crucible. Beautifully acted (especially the luminous, incorruptible Mathie and Ann Marcuson's sweet bullied wife) and gently gracefully directed.
What's On, May 1995