Story by Roald Dahl, directed by Richard Shannon for Polka Theatre

This is a stage adaptation of the story of Roald Dahl's boyhood.

We meet the grotesque characters who infested Dahl's school days: Mrs Pratchet, the child-hating sweet shop owner; or Matron, who would prowl the corridors of the school dormitory at night, just waiting to pounce on any child who made a sound.

The stories he has to tell are frank and funny, touching and sometimes shocking...but they're all true.


The production has plenty of lighter moments, but is at its most powerful when it's not in the least funny. The scenes portraying the vicious beatings endured by Dahl and his classmates and the helplessness of the children in face of this injustice are devastatingly effective.
Time Out, 22nd May 2002

Boy is one of the best Polka productions ever
Wimbledon Guardian, 24th May 2002