Blood & Ice

Written by Liz Lochhead and directed by Richard Shannon

This play dramatizes the relationships between Byron, Shelly and Mary Shelly at the time of the writing of Frankenstein.


"Imaginative and disturbing portrait...brilliantly played....
a powerful, rich piece of theatre"

Time Out

"Blood and Ice" was true magic...I for one was transfixed with morbid fascination for a play that was both magnificent and frightening."
Bucks Guardian

"full blooded and absorbing....great performances"
Eastern Daily Press

"exceptionally stimulating evening. it was a mark of the forceful but sensitive interpretation of this fascinating play that it engaged a range of response that was quite remarkable; surely a sign of fine theatre. Katherine Shannon's Mary(Shelley) succeeded beautifully in conveying the liberty and vitality of the life Shelley and his circle adopted and had some of the audience in tears with her predicament by the end of the play"
Surrey Mail