Dazzling Medusa

by Geraldine McCaughrean and directed by Richard Shannon

Perseus son of Zeus is sent by a jealous king on an extraordinary quest. His voyage will change his life and the face of the kingdom forever.

His mission: to kill the monster Medusa ­ with her hair of snakes and deadly gaze ­ and return with her head. Will Perseus be the first to fight the Gorgon and come back alive? The gods are already taking bets.


‘Your production was a model of clarity, sensitivity and creative energy….it’s a terrific achievement’
Carl Miller, Associate Director ­ Literary, The Unicorn Theatre

‘Director Richard Shannon…did well to commission this witty and poignant piece, which he has moulded into fine theatre… the ending is real lump in the throat stuff’.
The Stage

‘Altogether a vivid and enjoyable account of this old tale’
The Times

‘One of the play’s triumphs is the way it presents major themes with a deftness that never seems overtly moralistic… The whole cast is superb and the production is expertly directed by Richard Shannon. It’s one of those serendipitous occasions when everything works in perfect harmony, a piece of theatre at once exhilarating and educational’.
Rogues and Vagabonds

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